Benefits: Health & Dental care

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When you get a full-time job, one of the perks is a nice employee benefits package. An employee benefits package usually includes insurance to cover health and dental costs. These benefits are for you and any dependents that you might have. If your company doesn’t offer health and dental care benefits, you can end up paying out of pocket when you need to see a doctor or when you need a prescription. These expenses can really add up. Just imagine if one of your children needs braces – it could end up costing you thousands of dollars in one go. Having a health and dental package will cover a percentage or all of the costs for medical treatments, dental work, and more.

Advantages to Employees

The obvious advantage to employees is that they don’t have to foot the bill for medical costs. Especially for those who have a family or have underlying health problems, these expenses are simply unaffordable. Even a regular trip to the dentist can cost anywhere between $100 and $500 and more if there is extra work that needs to be done. The average person cannot afford to pay for these costs out of pocket – especially when they come up out of the blue and cannot be budgeted for. Employees are now demanding better benefits packages, with companies like Google leading the way by offering way more than basic health care and dental packages. Haircuts, meals, transportation, and other costs are fast becoming desirable to employees.

Unfortunately, with today’s volatile job market, it’s not always easy to find a good job that comes with benefits. The current trend, especially for small businesses, is to hire contract and part-time workers instead of having to offer benefits packages to full-timers. But according to companies like Heinz, it is expensive to provide a benefits package that includes health and dental care. It can cost anywhere between 20 and 28 percent of someone’s salary due to rising health care costs. So it’s no wonder that companies choose to scrimp out on these plans, unless they believe that the employee has earned it.

Advantages to Employers

The main advantage for employers who offer benefits packages is that they attract a better crowd of business professionals. People who know their worth and are not willing to settle for an unattractive job without assistance for health and dental care. Offering an attractive benefits package to employees is one way to stay competitive as an employer in order to get the best talent out there. Moreover, companies that provide benefits to their employees can guarantee that their workforce is getting regular checkups and staying in good health. Whereas those who do not have benefits might avoid costly doctor’s visits when they can’t afford it.

On the other hand, many employers want to provide benefits to their employees but simply can’t afford it. Especially as a small business, the cost can be too much. They may realize that a benefits program can help to keep employees healthy and happy but in many cases its not possible. Large companies can afford to provide extensive coverage through corporate benefits packages but insurance companies have hardly anything to offer small businesses. The result is that some companies have to sit on the fence, waiting until they have the money to provide benefits for their employees.

Pros & Cons

When looking at possible job opportunities it is always a good idea to write down a pros and cons list. This can help you to determine what aspects of the job you might like and what aspects you may want to change.

Some important job aspects to consider include possible travel, team outings, casual attire, flexible hours, working from home and more.

Workplace Culture

A workplace culture can have a big impact on your everyday life. If you enjoy work you will be more likely to perform better and stay interested in the tasks at hand.

Some of the ways that companies today are helping to foster a positive work environment is to allow employees access to free food and drink, showers, gym memberships, nap areas and gaming rooms.