Lifestyle: Office Gym or Subsidized Gym Memberships

Instructor teaching spin class

A office gym is a physical training center located primarily in the offices of organizations and corporations. While they may seem counter-intuitive to the office setting, they are a great way to promote good health and prevent absenteeism. More than anything, though, office gyms are a key asset in attracting and keeping employees close to the company. Various studies have shown that office gyms are a great way to improve overall productivity in an office setting, as it improves both physical and mental health.

Advantages for Employees

The gym is often associated with motivation and self-improvement, so having one at the office creates a healthy and proactive environment. The gym is also convenient for many reasons. Gym memberships for private gyms outside of the office are likely to cost a lot of money. Office gym memberships, on the other hand, are often included as a benefit.

It also benefits the employees who commute every weekday to work. This is a major time constraint and is detrimental to their health. Not only does an on site gym provide an easily accessible hub for employees, it also helps lower the collective stress in the office. In the past few years, there has been growing enthusiasm about the use of relaxation programs in the office. Yoga, among those therapeutic exercises, have been shown to promote a positive image.

Employees with high-stress jobs have insisted that workplace exercise is essential to getting through the day and maintaining clarity of mind. Emergency workers such as police officers, firefighters and ambulance dispatchers have all lauded the inclusion of daily exercise to their downtime to relieve stress.

Advantages for Employers

While the health and time-saving benefit the employees, the employers should also consider the advantages of installing an office gym. For one, the collective premium rate for health care costs can be reduced because exercise, of course, reduces high blood pressure and chronic illnesses.It also guarantees higher productivity, as the overall good health of the office will reduce the absentee rate. While sick leave is a necessary component in most businesses, the reduction of sickness in an office can save a business a lot of money. Employers will also enjoy the higher morale weight, which comes as a result of exercise and the social aspect of the gym. Employers may object to installing a gym in the office because of the costs, but considering the almost-guaranteed rise in productivity, the inclusion of a few machines may cost as little as 10,000$. It is rarely necessary to construct any attachments or new buildings if the office space is available.

Employers should consider the benefits of using a gym in the office to start a fitness program. Studies have shown that for every dollar invested in an athletic facility, there is a six-fold return. Some companies have even taken to providing full education and rejuvenation services for the employees committed to an exercise regimen. Google, for example, includes in its benefits information sessions and personal monitoring programs, as well as massage services all around their offices. While this may seem a bit invasive, such a relationship with employees can promote a sense of care and trust.

Pros & Cons

When looking at possible job opportunities it is always a good idea to write down a pros and cons list. This can help you to determine what aspects of the job you might like and what aspects you may want to change.

Some important job aspects to consider include possible travel, team outings, casual attire, flexible hours, working from home and more.

Workplace Culture

A workplace culture can have a big impact on your everyday life. If you enjoy work you will be more likely to perform better and stay interested in the tasks at hand.

Some of the ways that companies today are helping to foster a positive work environment is to allow employees access to free food and drink, showers, gym memberships, nap areas and gaming rooms.